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Datasheet HKE
Strapping Tool for Steel Strap

(The manually operated tool)
.The lightest tool in its class.
.Easy Strap application.
.Durable, with a long lifetime.
.“No seal joint” Technology.
Datasheet HKE
Strapping Tool for Steel Strap
Chart of types model HKE
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Strapping Tool for Steel Strap - The manually operated tool:

Lightweight, heavy duty tool for easy strapping - Extremely efficient!
Use the HKE steel strapping tool to apply steel strapping, without the use of metal seals. The functions
of tensioning, sealing and cutting of strapping are accomplished with one, easy to use tool, resulting in a seal joint that is stronger than joints made with standard metal seals.

The new HKE tool is the result of constant development of the “No-Seal-Joint” technology for strapping tools. Weighing less than 8 lbs., it is the lightest among strapping tools, which means easier operation for vertical and horizontal strapping.

The HKE is a strong tool with a long lifetime. Sealing occurs by means of a rocking punch mechanism,
so just 1/3 of the seal is made at a time. This means less physical power is required for actuation, and
there is less wear of the mechanical parts. Therefore, the HKE is the only tool in its weight class to work well with .025" thick high tensile strapping

The sealing mechanism of the E-range
Avoids injuries: The specially shaped strap end leaves no sharp edges.
Kemex “No-Seal-Joint”
Steel strap grades:
Regular Duty and High Tensile strap
Strap widths:
1/2", 5/8", 3/4"
Strap thickness range:
.015" to .025"
Strap tensioning:
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