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Datasheet TP-502
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
(New generation Machine)
.Compact Mechanical Strapping Head:
+With 30% less moving parts than conventional machines substantially reduces maintenance +issues. There are no belts, chains or pulleys. Extremely low noise sealing head.
.Sensor Controlled Heater:
+The faster 24V heating mechanism is sensor controlled assuring you of consistent and high +efficiency seals.
.Electronic Tension Control:
Adjustment for wider strap tension (8-45 kg) can be easily done on the front control panel.
.Adjustable Table Height:
The table height is adjustable to any height between 780 mm and 950 mm.
.Large Main Switch:
+The lockable CE rated large main power switch increases safe operation of the machine

Datasheet TP-502
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
Chart of types model TP-502
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Strap Width +++++++.++++ 5 mm - 13 mm
Low Voltage 24V Someday all semi strappers will be made in this way. 
.Conversion kit for small packages.
.Digital readout for tension and feed settings
Strap Tension: ++++++++.++,8 kg - 45 kg
Table Height: +++++++++++ 780 mm-950 mm
Net Weight:  +++++,++++++++,70 kg
Electrical Requirements:  +,+110V, 220V, 230V 50/60Hz 1PH
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