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Datasheet TP-601D
Automatic Strapping machine
(Enhanced machine for 8 - 12 mm PP strap)
.The Most Powerful Machine in its class!

.Reliable and Robust Strapping Head:
+ Robust mechanism design and high engineering standard ensure excellent durability of the + products. Use two proximity switches to replace conventional limit switches.
.Electronic Tension Control:
+Strap tension can be adjusted accurately by the simple turn of a dial. Easy operation.
.Auto Strap Ejector:
+Loop-eject clears unwanted strap automatically if the machine is accidentally activated ++ , without a package. Eliminates downtime.
.Auto Strap Feeding:
+Simply insert the strap into the feeding rollers from the coil side of the machine and then + +push the "reset" button. The machine will automatically feed itself without the need to + ,+access to the inside of the machine. Easy strap loading.
.Short feed sensor
.Auto strap refeed
.Strap end ejector
Datasheet TP-601D
Automatic Strapping Machine
Chart of types model TP-601D
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Strap Width +++++++.++++ 8 mm - 12 mm
Strap Tension: ++++++++.++,7 kg-70 kg
Net Weight:  +++++,++++++,++,220 kg
Electrical Requirements:  +,,, 110V, 220V, 230V, 380V, 400V +50/60Hz 1PH+or ,3PH
Stainless steel frame SUS 304 (TP-601DS)
Arch size:
Speed: +++++++++++++++++.29 straps/minute (60Hz)  
Table Height: ++++++++++++810 mm
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