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Datasheet TP-601Y
Automatic Side-Seal Strapping machine for PP
(Painted steel frame)
.Ideal for dirty strapping environment, such as sawmill plants, brick and tile industries
.Auto strap feeding
.Electronic tension control
. Easy adjustable roller table height (435 mm - 585 mm)
.Auto Strap Ejector
Datasheet TP-601Y
Automatic Strapping Machine
Chart of types model TP-601Y
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Strap Width +++++++.++++ 8 mm - 12 mm
Strap Tension: +++ +++++++ 7 kg-70 kg
Net Weight:  +++++,++++++,++,300 kg
Electrical Requirements:  +,,, 110V, 220V, 230V, 380V, 400V +50/60Hz .1PH or,3PH
Without adjustable roller table (TP-601Y-XT)
Arch size:
Speed: +++++++++++++,+,++.29 straps/minute (60Hz)  
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