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1. Hold the M1152-34 vertically and place the jaws of the tool across the middle of the seal. This step is very important as a seal crimped off-center may cause the strap to become loose and snap apart, possibly resulting in serious injury or death.

2. Press the handles of the sealer together while keeping the sealer in a vertical position. The seal will be completely sealed when the handles are vertical and can be squeezed no further.

3. Remove the sealer and inspect the seal to verify the seal is properly holding the strap. The seal should have a total of four indentations (notches), 2 on each side. The notches should be centered on the seal. The seal should lay flush against the strapping with both ends of the strapping passing completely through the seal. If seal is not properly formed, remove it and begin again. Attempting to reseal will not ensure a proper seal and will decrease the break strength.

4. Never use the sealer to break the strap. Breaking the strap without the proper cutters may cause the
strap to snap back toward the operator, possibly resulting in serious injury or death. This action will
also cause damage to the sealer, which will require the sealer to be repaired or replaced at owner’s
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• Before operating the tool, review the enclosed Acme Safety booklet. Only trained personnel should
operate Acme hand tools.
• Keep fingers away from areas that can pinch or cut. These areas are primarily located at the front of
the tool.
• Only use equipment recommended for the strap. The M1152-34 is recommended only for 3/4” wide
.025-.031 gauge steel. Each M1152 is for use with only one strap width.
• Review the instructions and safety material on a regular basis.
WARNING: Improper use may result in blindness, severe laceration, amputation, or death.