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1. Press release handle to push the pusher bar all the way back to the body of the tool.

2. Pull strapping from cart and bring around load. Push seal
on with flat side of seal facing outside of strap. (Figure 1)

3. Slide end of strap through bottom of seal and fold over the end to form a “hook.” (Figure 2) Pull strap snug about package.

4. Slide tool onto top strap, feeding strap under holding dog and through pusher bar slot with the seal against the nose of the tool. (Figure 3) Be sure the strap is flush with the inside edge of the M1800.

5. Tighten strap by squeezing and releasing the handle repeatedly.

6. Fasten the pusher seal with the appropriate tool, according to manufacturer’s instructions.

7. With seal secured, tilt the whole tool forward over the seal
and back again approximately three times to bend and
break the banding. Slide the M1800 off the end of the

• Before operating the tool, review the enclosed
Acme Safety booklet. Only trained personnel should
operate Acme hand tools.
• Only use equipment recommended for the strap. The
M1800 is recommended only for 3/8” x .015 through 5/8”
x .023 gauge steel.
• Dangerous breakage may occur due to excessive
tensioning, possibly resulting in severe injury or death.
Tension strap in moderation.
• Keep fingers away from areas that can pinch or cut.
• Review the instructions and safety material on a regular
• Warning: Unsafe use may result in blindness, severe
laceration, amputation, or death.
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